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Float in
since 2008 a unique Spa concept

Spa means “Sanus per Aquam” (health through water) and in Float in, in addition to massages, programs and treatments, you can recover your energy with the innovative flotation therapy.

With two spas in the heart of Lisbon – Largo do Rato and Picoas – and a Massage Spa in Belém, Float in has 12 treatment rooms and 3 relaxation areas where tranquil sounds guide the meeting between different environments of serenity and comfort, designed to provide you with a unique experience of well-being.

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In all the Floating and Massage rooms an exclusive design is discovered with showers, towels and hygiene products available so that customers do not have any concern. In relaxation rooms with natural light, you can have a tea, before or after using the services, to prolong its effects.

Float in is an anti-stress oasis, a haven of relaxation and a worldwide pioneer in offering joint massage and flotation programs, for much deeper relaxation.

Fluctuation takes place in an aquatic environment with sensory deprivation and zero gravity, proving to be extremely effective for energy recovery and for total relaxation. This treatment is available at Float in Spa Picoas and Float in Spa Rato.

Always concerned with offering the best spa quality, Float in has a wide range of massages, including relaxation massages, beauty treatments, and a wide variety of packages for two, so you can enjoy the best spa as a couple.
All treatments and programs can also be offered, with vouchers, to offer the best experience to those you love most. You can also choose a gift from our store, choosing between teas or essential oils, 100% natural production under the brand Float in.

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First Visit to Float in

Para realizar a sua marcação contacte o departamento de reservas através de telefone (213 880 193 / 915785821) ou e-mail ([email protected]), com a maior antecedência possível, para garantir o seu horário preferencial.

On the day of the appointment we appreciate your punctuality.

At Float in you will find everything you need to perform the treatments. Towels, slippers, bathrobes and hairdryers are at your disposal to look for us without any worries.

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In all rooms there are private showers that you can use after treatment.

However, given the showers taken at the Floating Session, you can bring your hair care products or personal items if you prefer.

When you first have your Float in treatment, you will be asked to complete a brief fact sheet. At this time we appreciate that all health information that may be relevant for the treatment is provided.

Some treatments cannot be performed by pregnant women. Others may be performed by them only at certain gestation periods. Please inform Float in if you are pregnant when booking.

Existem algumas contra indicações para a realização de uma Sessão de Flutuação, que devem ser respeitadas: histórico de doenças na pele, esquizofrenia, estar sob o efeito de álcool ou drogas, epilepsia (sem supervisão), e idade inferior a 16 anos (sem supervisão). A Flutuação é desaconselhada após a depilação e não pode ser realizada durante o período menstrual.

Click here para ler as informações mais importantes sobre a Sessão de Flutuação antes da sua primeira visita ao Float in.

During your stay at the Float in, we kindly ask you to hang up the phone and be as quiet as possible. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed inside the spa.

A team of friendly and qualified professionals are entirely at your disposal to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

If you have any questions we will be happy to help.

We suggest that before your treatment do not drink coffee or other stimulants that can impair the relaxing effect of your experience

Thank you and see you soon.

We are waiting for you!

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Offer relaxation to your company's employees with Quicks Massages during working hours

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Float in partnerships

Employees of companies that have a partnership with Float in can relax and recover energy in our spas or offer gift vouchers with special conditions.

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Procedimentos e Práticas Anti-Covid-19 Float in Spa

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