Corporate Float in


Corporate Float in

Corporate Float in is dedicated to the well-being of the business customer in two ways:

• With the establishment of partnerships that give privileged conditions to the employees of the companies
• With massages and other wellness services within the company, whether in occasional situations or regularly.

For the employees of a company to have better results in the short and long term, the bet on their quality of life and well-being has to be carried out.

Promoting the well-being of employees brings several benefits to the company. Motivational and social benefits are distinguished and it is important to take into account financial ones as well. A motivated employee is always more productive.

Productivity is also boosted by reducing muscle and emotional fatigue, as well as preventing stress, strengthening self-esteem and increasing the ability to concentrate in the work environment.

Find out all the benefits of having a Float in partnership here:

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Having a partnership with Float in means that the employees of a company always have access to our services, at a reduced price.

In addition to the permanent discount conditions, Float in regularly sends a selection of spa treatments with a special promotion.

The partnership conditions are valid for employees and direct family members of the partnership company.

We are always available for new partnerships. Contact us!

Partnership Contact:
[email protected]
21 388 01 93

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Float in at events

Float in brings the well-being of a spa environment to events across the country. With over 7 years of experience, in the most diverse types of events, Float in guarantees that when hiring your services, you will offer the best.

The main ones are Quick Massages, but there are also Massages or Yoga and Tai Chi Classes.

With a reduced budget, it is possible to make a difference in any type of event with a Quick Massage zone, for example, a coffee break, a VIP zone, etc.

Depending on the type of event, Float in can prepare a small relaxation environment, where the scents of essential oils and ambient music are present, as well as all Float in equipment.

The Float in teams highlighted for all events, in addition to extensive experience, always have the appropriate presentation.



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