Hot Stone Massage

This massage is one of the most relaxing spa experiences and has been performed since ancient times. The secret of this relaxation comes from the composition of the volcanic stones that are used. The heat from the stones spreads through the muscles, relaxing them completely and the therapeutic properties of the hot stones promote vital balance.
75min | 85€ | 79€*

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Zen hot stones package

The word relaxation will have a different meaning for you after knowing this program. Eliminate all stress, tensions and worries with a unique program that combines the relaxing and energy-balancing effects of a hot stone massage with those of a floating session. We are sure that this is the most relaxing experience you will ever know.
2h35min | 120€ | 110€*

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Hot stones lovers

Pleasure and deep relaxation shared by two! An unforgettable spa experience where the heat of the stones comes into contact with the skin, eliminating all muscle tension. The therapeutic properties of this technique relieve stress and balance energy, leaving the better halves in perfect condition.
75min | 145€ | 133€*

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*Campanha válida desde 01/11/2021 até 21/11/2021. Vouchers válidos por 1 ano. Não acumulável com outras campanhas ou ofertas em vigor.

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