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Float Session is a unique spa experience and one of the most complete wellness therapies. It has several therapeutic benefits, which have been studied for several decades in different research centers around the world.

Below are the top 10 Benefits of Float Session:

1️⃣ Fluctuation reduces stress
Stress is considered to be one of the major health problems of this millennium and fluctuation is one of the best antidotes to stress. Total rest, sensory deprivation, absence of gravity pressure and body contact with water and salt at body temperature will reduce the stress levels of your body and mind.

2️⃣ One Float session equals 4/6 hours of sleep
For those who are overworked, they will recover all their energy. Imagine yourself in the middle of the day with that feeling of low energy to work, take 1 hour to float and you will see that all energy will be recovered. 1 hour of float equals 4/6 hours of sleep, so the feeling of refreshment is complete.
A flutuação reduz também o jet lag, uma fadiga resultante de uma descompensação horária e promove um “reset” ao relógio biológico.

3️⃣ It also helps you sleep better at night
Fluctuation is especially suitable for insomnia sufferers. Once you float, you will fall asleep much more easily and have a more restful sleep. Sleeping well is critical so that the next day everything goes better and the sleeping process is critical to mental balance.

4️⃣ Improves mood
A Float session will make you feel more optimistic and motivated to perform your tasks.

Several studies validate that fluctuation also helps reduce the rate of depression by making you feel more positive.

5️⃣ Fights chronic headaches
Flotation is the best way to reduce migraines completely naturally. In just one session you will experience a great decrease in these symptoms and regularly performing the elimination of migraines will be almost complete, with long-term effects.

6️⃣ Promotes Muscle Relaxation in sports
Many top athletes use this therapy to accelerate muscle recovery and to contribute to better performance.
Floatation is famous in football, is used regularly by the Australian Olympic team, is used by footballers and many other sports.
Footballer Wayne Rooney and well-known UFC member Joe Rogan float so regularly that they choose to set up a float tank at home! But why does flotation bring so many benefits to sportsmen?
Fluctuation accelerates injury recovery time, reduces lactic acid accumulation, quickly eliminates fatigue, helps reduce pain and inflammation, reduces cortisol levels, relaxes the mind, improves concentration / focus, improves circulation of oxygen.

Even if you are not a competitive athlete, after a trip to the gym or after running several kilometers the result of floating is very positive. For professional sportsmen, flotation also helps to improve concentration.

7️⃣ Stimulates cognitive abilities
Fluctuation and sense deprivation reduces tension, stress and fatigue, which boosts memory and concentration as well as enhances creativity. Studies show that ideas conceived during and after flotation therapy were better and more creative than those developed without flotation sessions.

8️⃣ Improves the appearance of skin and body
Epsom salt, used to make the body float effortlessly, tones it, softens the skin and has a powerful detoxifying effect.

9️⃣ Reduces joint inflammation
The use of Epsom Salt is extremely beneficial for bones and joints because it is rich in magnesium sulfate and has analgesic, relaxing, soothing and anti-inflammatory action.

Fluctuation and contact with Epson salt has a very positive effect on decreasing the symptoms of arthritis and arthritis, as when absorbed by the body, the magnesium that makes up this salt helps to calm and relax the muscles and joints that are affected by arthritis.

🔟 For mummy's to be, fluctuation has great benefits
Muscle pain decreases and leg swelling is reduced as fluctuation stimulates circulation. The feeling of lightness is returned and migraines are eliminated.

Float session helps pregnant women to sleep much better at a time when it is difficult to find a good position to rest. Flotation can be performed safely throughout pregnancy, with the last few weeks being the time when pregnant women derive most benefit from this therapy. It is also beneficial in the postpartum period, as it helps the new mom to have a deeper rest, to feel more relaxed, with more energy, as well as restoring lost sleep.

These are the top 10 benefits of this unique therapy, which have been scientifically validated in several studies, but there are many other therapeutic benefits.

See all the benefits for yourself and book already the float session.

Visit our website page where we present several scientific studies that validate these therapeutic benefits here

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