Lisbon Spa Massages


Get to know the massages that Float in Spa have for you Relaxing, Therapeutic and Oriental Massages

Relaxing Massages

For deep relaxation, discover Lisbon's most relaxing massages in the unique Float In spa concept.

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Therapeutic Massages

Massages using therapeutic techniques, with strong pressure and intense rhythm, to reduce muscle tensions.

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Oriental Massages

An oriental experience with the ancient knowledge of oriental therapies brought to you through massages at Float In Spa.

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Massage Packs

For those who need to relax or get massages often, this is the best option. Meet all Float In massage packs.

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At Float in Spa all massages are performed by certified professionals. Massages are performed with massage oils and 100% pure essential oils.
You can book your massages at the nearest Float in Spa Lisbon in Lisbon, Largo do Rato, Picoas or Belém. Make your reservation online or contact us. We are at your disposal from Monday to Sunday between 10am and 9pm.
Get to know our exclusive packages that combine the unique therapeutic effects of the flotation session with the different massages.

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