Theta Waves


Theta Waves

Floating as a shortcut to meditation!

The electrical activity of the brain can be measured on frequency scales and observed using an EEG (electroencephalogram) exam. The oscillations of this activity can be differentiated according to 4 frequency scales:
• beta, in intense brain activity;
• alpha, in its own brain activity a state of calm, relaxation or recreation;
• delta, sleeping and dreaming;
• and theta, in brain activity that occurs in the moments before and after sleep or in states of deep meditation.

During these moments, the brain reaches a state of absolute mental relaxation and allows a good flow of ideas or inspiration, which happen without censorship or guilt. It is typically a very positive state of mind.
Since under normal conditions, the brain functions in the recording of theta waves for very short periods, it was difficult for scientists to measure the effects on the body and brain of this type of functioning. When it was verified that during the time that it floats, in an environment of sensory deprivation, the brain is induced to function in theta waves, it became possible to make these measurements.

During the period when the brain works at this frequency, the balance of the left and right hemispheres of the brain is favored, the release of endorphins, the stimulation of creativity, the increase of concentration and the capacity for learning.

A profound state of inner peace and generalized well-being is also achieved. There are also records, of mystical experiences and sensations that are beyond human reason, during and after the period of fluctuation.
In addition to floating, the only way to induce the brain to function in theta waves for long periods of time is through deep meditation.

Buddhist monks function in this brain register while meditating. Thus, the relationship between the effects of inner peace and emotional balance resulting from fluctuation is obvious, with the same effects that arise from meditation on a Buddhist monk. Fluctuation is then a shortcut to some of the benefits of several years of meditation.

Alguns monges budistas conseguem manter o cérebro a operar nesse registo de ondas cerebrais enquanto estão  em meditação profunda.

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