Spa Programs


Check out Float in's spa programs.

Spend a few hours with yourself and enjoy the exclusive programs that include different treatments to make you feel your best.

Float Spa Exclusive

All Float in exclusivity in programs that combine a Float Session and a Massage.


Supreme Programs

The most complete programs to enjoy half a day at the spa.


Detox & Beauty Programs

The perfect combination of Floating with Massages and Detox Treatments to renew body and soul.


Group Spa

Book Float in Spa exclusively to celebrate a special occasion. For bachelorette parties, work group events or groups of friends.


Float in Spa programs combine the unique effects of a flotation session with massages and are exclusive spa services found only at Float in.

The fluctuation performed at the beginning of the programs eliminates major stresses and provides immediate relaxation so you can take full advantage of the following treatments that make up the program.

Fluctuation will also have deeper effects on massages, so you can get to know the best wellness experience.
They can be performed at Float in Rato or Picoas, individually or together.
Faça a sua reserva de segunda feira a domingo entre as 10 horas e as 21 horas. O Float in disponibiliza tudo o que precisa para que possa fazer os seus tratamentos sem preocupações. Uma equipa simpática e qualificada espera por si para lhe proporcionar uma experiência inesquecível.

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