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Offer an unforgettable spa gift

Take care of who always took care of you with all the love. Because a mother always deserves the best, especially time for herself, pampering and rest. Offer the perfect gift to the best mother in the world, with an unforgettable experience; Offer a Float in voucher.
You can purchase your voucher online or at any Float in spa, in Rato Picoas or Belém.
Vouchers are valid for 1 year so Mom can book whenever she wants!

Float Session

Floating deeply relaxes, eliminates stress and helps you sleep better. Floating effortlessly over a water solution with a high amount of salt will free you from the force of gravity as if you were levitating.
A gift that provides unique sensations and several therapeutic benefits.
50min | 55€

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Spa à La Carte

The perfect spa program to give away vouchers.

It includes more than 2 hours of deep delight and can be customized to your taste with the choice of over 20 massages and a float session or a facial treatment.
2h/2h30min | 130€

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Special Relaxing Massage

This is a signature massage where the most relaxing massage techniques merge with hot volcanic stones to provide deep relaxation. A gift voucher to give to true massage lovers.
1h30min | 95€

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Woman Spa Ritual

To disconnect from the world and connect with yourself with an exclusive ritual that includes relaxation and the most essential beauty care.

1h40min | 100€

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Woman Zen & Beauty Package

The perfect combination of relaxation and beauty care that includes a variety of treatments to spend half a day in the spa with all the care your mind and body needs.

An exclusive Float in Spa Lisboa to offer vouchers to the most demanding women.
2h45min | 155€

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Hot Stones Balance & Beauty Package

A unique experience that combines a Floating Session with a relaxing Hot Stone Massage, and the most complete body and facial treatments.
3h | 165€

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New Energy Massage

An invigorating, anti-stress and detox signature Float in Massage that treats all the muscles in the body. The present spa to offer a voucher to those who need a new energy.
1h10min | 80€

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Float in Supreme Package

The 3 main treatments Float in Spa in 3 hours of supreme pleasure.
3h | 190€

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Float in Spa Offer Voucher

Offer a personalized voucher with a value of your choice to use for any treatment.

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If you didn't find the ideal gift here, browse the menus on our website and find the massage, or the programa spa most suitable.


Gift Voucher Questions and Answers

Gifts for the mother, surprises for the father, gifts for the better half, gifts for the children, friends or co-workers.

Presentes de aniversário, presentes de natal, prendas para o dia da mãe, ou para o dia do pai e claro, para o dia dos namorados. No Float in encontra os melhores momentos de bem-estar para a ofertas em ocasiões especiais. Veja as questões mais comuns sobre a oferta de vouchers.

You can purchase it online, or at receptions at Float in Spa Rato, Picoas or Belém.

If you purchase your vouchers online, payment can be made by MBway, Multibanco Reference, Paypal, or Bank Transfer. If you purchase at the spas, it can be done through Multibanco, Visa, MBway, or cash.

At Float in Spa you can choose from several exclusive treatments, as well as various traditional spa treatments or massages. The choice will depend on the recipient's preferences.

In case of doubt, we recommend the Spa a la Carte Program, since it can be customized to the taste of the recipient.

Os vouchers têm a validade de 1 ano e podem ser utilizados em qualquer spa do Float in. ser personalizado ao gosto do presenteado.

Vouchers can be sent by email or direct mail at no additional cost.

In this case, the term of the vouchers will be extended, as we have been doing throughout this year whenever necessary.

Yes, in Float in, the strictest protocols are followed to prevent the spread of the COVID-10 virus. Check all the measures and procedures we have implemented here.

To use the voucher, simply contact the reservations department, available 7 days a week and schedule any time between 10am and 9pm, from Monday to Sunday At the Float in Spa Picoas, Rato or Belém.

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