Epson Salt


Epson Salt

Unlike common salt containing sodium chloride, which is therefore harmful to health, Epsom salt is composed of sulfate and magnesium combined with carbon and oxygen which have therapeutic properties. The chemical formula is MgSO4 · 7H2 which is presented in the form of crystals.

Its use in float session brings several benefits, such as revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin, and stimulating blood circulation, having a powerful detoxifying effect.
A sua utilização é especialmente benéfica para as articulações e para os ossos, reduzindo os sintomas das artrites e artroses.

Reduces inflammation and facilitates muscle function by stimulating nerve reactions, helping to eliminate toxins and increase the absorption capacity of nutrients. The composition of Epsom salt also regulates the levels of magnesium and enzymes in the body. The use of Epsom salt in the flotation, will also favor the hygiene of the water, eliminating all bacteria.

Epsom salt creates a powerful barrier to pathogens. The anti-bacterial action of the salt makes contact with bacteria much more improbable inside the float than when walking on the street, or simply when it is in your workplace.

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